Useful Links

Some Very Useful Links

Professional Societies and Resources

Optical Society of America

SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering

IEEE Society - Advancement of Technology

University of Rochester Institute of Optics Home Page

Welcome to the Institute of Physics

Intellectual Propert and Patent Search

Optics Vendors Resources

Newport Corporation

CVI Melles Griot


Edmund Precision Optics

Ohara Optical Glass

Schott Optical Glass

Corning Optical Fiber

OZ Optics - Optical Fiber and Fiber Coupled Laser Solutions

Optimax Rapid Prototyping and Production

QED Optical Polishing, MRF, and Metrology

E.R. Precision Optical Diamond Point Turning


International Laser Display Association (ILDA)

Laser Institute of America (ILA)

Coherent, Inc. Lasers

Quantel Lasers including Big Sky Laser Technologies

Innovative Photonic Solutions -  IPS Lasers

Intense Lasers - Visible and High Power Laser Diodes

nLIGHT - High Power Semiconductor Lasers and Arrays

Photonics and Integrated Photonics

The Photonics Handbook

Hollowguide Optical Systems Design

Suggestions for Additional Links Will Be Appreciated

Laser Safety

Basic Terminology for Laser Classes

Lasershow Safety

ANSI Z136.1 (2014) - Safe Use of Lasers (Purchase Required)

Optics Software

FRED Optical Engineering Software - Photon Engineering

As the side bar says, it's the best and it's what I chose to use on a daily basis.

SynOpSys - Optical Systems Design, Inc.

Another excellent program featuring command line inputs for seasoned designers and an Artificial Intelligence engine for interpreting user requests. Created and supported by Don Dilworth.

Synopsys - Code V

Code V is the big daddy of optical design. I have found no other software to be as comprehensive and it gives the best algorithms for tolerance generation and analysis. I use this on an as needed basis due to its very high cost for licensing. ORA also licenses LightTools for optical engineering tasks similar to FRED.

OSLO - Sinclair Optics (links to Lambda Research)

OpTaliX - Optenso

Klein's Design Program KDP-2 v5 -  Engineering Calculations

KDP is powerful but requires a veteran designer to use and understand it. It uses syntax very similar to ACCOS V and features a macro programming language as well as a selection of Damping Term alternatives for unusual and difficult design problems.

ZEMAX - Focus Software, Inc.

ASAP - Breault Research Organization, Inc.

TracePro - Lambda Research Corporation

Business Consutling

Welcome to the InterNIC

Network Solutions


Federal Government Access

DoD SBIR & STTR Programs Homepage

Tax Forms and Publications - IRS

Connect to Government Publishing Office

Constitutions, Statutes, and Codes: Cornell Law Lib


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